The Vice President of Sponsorship (VP of Sponsorship) builds and maintains relationships with sponsors to generate additional revenue to fund the chapter's activities for its membership. This person also works with the VP of Marketing to ensure proper sponsor representation in all of the chapter's events and marketing materials, and any other duties assigned by the President in accordance with chapter policies and bylaws.



  • The person that fills this role must be a member in good standing of PMI as well as WMPMI. 
  • Manages all aspects of sponsorship for the chapter.
  • Contacts businesses and organization within the chapter's boundaries and solicits their financial support for WMPMI.
  • Develops, maintains and manages chapter sponsorship strategies and engages corporate supporters as sponsors.
  • Attends board meetings, sponsored meetings/events, and hosts the sponsors as needed. 
  • Responsible for developing, maintaining, and archiving sponsorship agreements. 
  • Maintains contact information database and historic information of sponsors and sponsorship leads.
  • Negotiates sponsorship agreements on behalf of the chapter.  
  • Works with the chapter's marketing department to ensure the sponsors' logos, ads, and messages are available, accurate, and appropriate per their respective agreements for all chapter events and
  • Responsible for the sponsorship budget and meeting the amount committed each year.  
  • Monitors Website and Chapter communications for sponsor‐related accuracy. 
  • Develop and implement succession and transition plan. 




  • Strong communication skills – especially in the areas of sales, negotiation, public speaking, and interpersonal communication.  
  • The ability to build a team, keep them motivated, and allow for a smooth transition when it is time to move on from the role.
  • Ability to handle rejection well enough to continue developing sponsorship leads. 
  • Presentation skills. 
  • Active listening skills. 
  • Team building skills.