High School

College Students Can Participate in THEProject

THEProject is an annual collegiate project management competition offered by WMPMI since 2011. Project management tends to favor business, computer science, engineering curriculums, and students of all academic disciplines are highly encouraged to participate. THEProject engages college students in the practice of project management, develops their leadership skills, and provides them with a showcase to demonstrate their leadership abilities on stage and in person with business and community leaders from West Michigan. THEProject is also more than just a competition. It has also helped students win jobs and has inspired new curricula centered on project management.

High School Students 9-12 Grade Program

Program designed for High School students to learn fundamentals of project management that can be utilized as a life skill, a job skill, and a possible certified career option. Using the vocabulary, processes, and standards of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) at the earliest stages of student learning promotes international commonality in business/industry project management. In addition, it assures that students do not have to re-learn vocabulary and processes that have been informally picked up during their education that will help them to pass CAPM exam at the end of their high school education. Do you know a High School that would be interested in learning more about Project Management email our Outreach Director at


The first step to getting your career started is to get involved! The Western Michigan Project Management Institute can equip you with tools vital to enhancing your professional career after graduation, and help you get a jumpstart on your career journey. Learning the ins and outs of project management can help you be successful in any field. Getting involved in WMPMI will introduce you to skills including critical thinking, problem solving skills and key leadership skills. 

Career Path of the Project Manager

Project Management can be a rewarding long-term career. A typical project manager can progress from managing a single Project, to managing multiple projects in a Program, then managing multiple programs within a Portfolio. Nonetheless, there are endless paths a career can take within the overall body of knowledge. There are very exciting prospects within the project management profession. Project Managers have a place in every industry prompting jobs and salary growth to rise.

Project > Program > Portfolio

Supporting Student's Career Pathways



WMPMI's support for college-bound students stems from a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of education. By equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to excel in project management, WMPMI is not only contributing to individual career success but also addressing a critical need in the global economy. Through initiatives like THEProject, WMPMI is laying the foundation for a more skilled, innovative, and prepared workforce ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

WMPMI's support for college-bound students through educational initiatives like THEProject exemplifies its commitment to fostering excellence in project management. By bridging the gap between academic learning and practical application, WMPMI is ensuring that the project managers of tomorrow are well-equipped to lead with confidence, creativity, and competence.