Volunteer and Become Involved in a Great Group!

Volunteering provides you with many wonderful opportunities. Among them are the opportunities for leadership, teaching, learning, earning PDUs, making and honoring commitments, networking, receiving recognition, having fun and/or making new friends.

Upcoming Elected Open Positions:

If you are interested in (or know someone who would be a great candidate for) either of these elected board positions, please complete the online Nomination Form. If you have additional questions, please contact the WMPMI Nominating Committee Chair.

President Elect > 

This position is an elected volunteer who assists the President throughout the year and prepares to be the next Chapter President. It is a 4-year commitment: 1 year as President Elect, 2 years as President and 1 year as Past President. This position is typically held by (but not limited to) a person that has had experience on the WMPMI Board as one of its Vice Presidents.

Vice President, Marketing >

This position is an elected volunteer who is responsible for marketing and public relations. This is a 2-year commitment. The Vice President of Marketing shall be responsible for developing marketing, corporate relations and communication programs in accordance with chapter bylaws and policies.

Other Open Opportunities: 

Director, Administration Technology

This position assists the Vice President of Administration in overseeing the function of the backend systems that facilitate the operations of WMPMI. This includes providing administrative support for web content management system, Basecamp, and the PMI component system; as well as activities to manage event operations including registration, surveys, and technical support for speakers.

Director, Academic Outreach - 9-12 Program

Director, PMI EF

Director, PMO Community of Practice 

Director, Volunteers

This position manages the policies and procedures and coordination of chapter members interested in volunteering for the chapter with the open positions designated by the board members. This person helps members who are interested in giving their time to identify chapter activities, ensuring a more vibrant chapter and more involved membership. The person that fills this role must be a member in good standing of PMI as well as the Western Michigan chapter. 

Director, Programs

This position assists the Vice President of Professional Development in planning and securing speakers for the chapter's professional development program activities presented at monthly breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings and any other duties as assigned by the VP of Professional Development. Professional Development activities for the chapter includes, but is not limited to planning, supervising, and scheduling chapter professional development program activities, providing leadership to directors, and any other duties assigned to the team by the Chapter President.

Director, Special Projects


Interested in getting involved? Email vpmemberexp@wmpmi.org