PDD 2024 Speaker

David Grimsley

Visionary IT Project Manager and AI Innovator 

David Grimsley is a pioneering IT leader with over a decade of experience in enterprise digital transformation. As the Chattanooga PMI Chapter, VP of Communications, he leverages AI for innovative virtual education.

Professional Expertise:

  • Launched digital platforms, increasing customer access by 50% & reducing risks by 30%
  • Expert in project management, service management, and AI integration
  • Motivates teams to embrace digital change through customer-centric approaches

Leadership & Coaching:

  • Sought-after leadership coach and speaker on AI's disruptive potential
  • Inspires teams and organizations to adapt to digital transformation

Industry Experience:

  • Extensive healthcare sector expertise across major institutions
  • Implemented cost-saving measures and workflow improvements in healthcare settings


  • Proven track record in enhancing customer access, reducing risks, and improving data accuracy
  • Continually explores cutting-edge technologies for practical business applications

Personal Mission:

Help organizations accelerate digital transformation by harnessing AI and emerging technologies.