We understand how serious the situation is right now and decided to cancel in-person presentations to a larger group on April 13, 2020. We know how hard the students have been working and we appreciate all their work. We also cannot thank the mentors and champions enough for their continued support.  

We will be showcasing the talent of all the student participaing in this competition. 


THEProject 2020 Scenario: Inspiring young adults to be the project managers and project leaders for the future.


President Smith, your university president, announced during the fall 2019 opening address that she has established a new School of Project Management that will confer bachelor and master’s degrees in project management.  A project to renovate a LEED certified building to house the new school was recently completed and the activation phase of the program is ready to begin.

Your challenge is to create a project plan to select the program’s curriculum, hire academic faculty & administrative staff, and address any other activities required to launch the new program on time so classes may begin on August 30, 2021.

Project Sponsors

  • Executive sponsors: The Dean of Arts and Sciences and the newly hired Director for the School of Project Management
    • Both of these stakeholders encourage your team to seek the advice of Selection Committee who will be executing the hiring plan. The Selection Committee is chaired by the Director for the School of Project Management.
    • The Executive Sponsors and the Selection Committee help your team build your Project Plan and will also provide expert advice on rolling out new program curriculum at your university.

Main Requirements

  • The project plan will include establishment of Educational Objectives
  • Your budget will include phases for hiring, onboarding, and an operational budget for the first academic year
  • Your Project management curriculum should be designed to be flexible so that PMI Knowledge Modules are easily adoptable in many disciplines and industry domains.
  • Your team’s project plan will include a sub plan for hiring academic faculty & administrative staff. The sub plan is called the hiring plan and will have the following attributes.
  • Your project plan will detail the activities for the selection of the program curriculum.