MikeJanisse2018.png   Mike Janisse - continued

How did you become a member?

In my role at Xerox, I was working with my customer Amway at their location. My contact there was a project manager named Marilyn who I worked with for the prep and implementation of two digital printers. Always looking for an opportunity, I found a PMI newsletter in the room’s trash receptacle. Intrigued, I was able to find the individual who did the work to create the newsletter. While talking with him I tried to break the good news about the new printer that should make his newsletter job easier. My message was misinterpreted. Within days I was handed a pretty large carton of newsletter archives and was told that the job is now mine. In any case, I joined the chapter and learned about newsletter layout.

Impressions after joining?

I really saw the benefit of Project Management in my job. I couldn’t interest any of the sales team or immediate management in the benefits of PM or a certification at first, but I stuck with PMI and encouraged others to join me at meetings.

For me the biggest benefit was the learning opportunity. I wasn’t formally a project manager but provided project management services to my customers. I spent time reading the PMBOK, helped to document certification classes and asked presenters a lot of questions. I did attend the PMI conferences as well. While first with the chapter, I tried to find learning opportunities in the form of classes and books.

Was the PMP certification well-known?

For those who were members of PMI and businesses who had the pleasure of working with certified PMPs, the certification was highly regarded, but there was an awareness issue of what it was at the beginning. The chapter did a great job trying to overcome the awareness issue by introducing PMI to colleges and universities by attending recruitment events.

Are you still serving on Chorus Board or singing in a chorus?

At the moment no. I work with the group to put together and print the 24-page program. While on the board I was always searching for sponsors and advertisers. That along with the music memorization and choreography . . . and the program was way too much, especially working with the group of grumpy old men!! When working with Fontana Chamber Arts for 20 years, I was on the board in a marketing role while serving as recording engineer. I've spent quite a few years working with non-profit organizations.