This page contains information and materials from presenters of Past Events.  We make them available on the site so that past attendees can refer back to the events they previously attended  and are able to download copies of the speaker's presentations, or to verify the details of the program  to claim PDU credits  in order to maintain their certifications.

Additionally, leaving event information on the website make it easy for new visitors to research new events to attend and see if the topics, schedule and locations match their interests. 

February 16, 2018 WMPMI Chapter Breakfast Meeting - Paul Nowak, PMP of Butterball Farms talked about the wide availability of high-speed Internet, how many business functions are moving to the cloud. Project management tools are no exception, and several Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions exist.  This presentation gave an overview of 4 of the most commonly encountered online project management tools: Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and Wrike.  A short live demonstration showed what unique features and interfaces are offered by each of these services.  Here is a link to his one page document.

February 12, 2018 WMPMI Chapter Dinner Meeting Mike Callahan discussed how to take control of your career - become the Tiger in the office.  We learned to help ourself be better able to rediscover buried career goals and take positive action in the pursuit of career.  Use the Tiger Career Plan Template here.

February 9, 2018 WMPMI Chapter Lunch Meeting - Speaker Joseph Smith, PMP of Varian Medical Systems shared his very recent experience of earning his PMP. He described his experience: what worked, what didn't, what it was like to take the test, and what life is like for him as a newly minted PMP.

January 19, 2018 WMPMI Chapter Breakfast Meeting - This presentation provided a brief history of THE Project competition; its effects on WMPMI's membership, volunteers, and the students who have competed; its strategic and business functions within WMPMI; and how a team of dedicated volunteers carry out its primary deliverables every year.  2018 marks the seventh year of WMPMI's THE Project collegiate competition. This competition challenges teams of college students in West Michigan to solve a real world scenario, provide their solution in the form of a complete project plan, and present it on the second Monday in April. The top teams in each division present their plans to executive judges from the West Michigan business community for the chance to win a top prize of $5,000.

January 12, 2018 WMPMI Chapter Lunch Meeting - The topic was Design Thinking at GVSU; understanding design thinking and its application to problem discovery and solution.  Presented bu the Director of the Design Thinking Initiative Academy at GVSU, John Berry has over forty years of professional design experience with global manufacturers, architectural and design firms. He is a former Vice President of Corporate Communications for Herman Miller with responsibilities including internal and external communications, public relations, events and corporate archives. 

January 8, 2018 WMPMI Chapter Dinner Meeting - Nexus is the name of the Spectrum Health three year program to evolve the culture, standards of patient care and information systems for the “Delivery System” (hospitals and medical practices). Presenters will share how the project charter and team charters were build midstream to move from a conceptual vision to a connected set of projects with goals.



For complete 2017 Year in Review please click here

 December 2017 

Breakfast Presentation 
Robert Berlin Leadership style applied by a Project Manager

Lunch Presentation 
Joy Ducey Miller Taking a Blended Approach to PM


November 2017 

Breakfast Presentation 
Lieutenant Colonel Jay Richards Applying Financial Analysis to Risk Management

Lunch Presentation 
Sergeant Major Royce Coffee Stress and the Project Team

Dinner Presentation 

Kevin Casey - Leadership

Steve Van Horn  What is Your Sponsor Thinking?


 October 2017 

Breakfast Meeting Presentation
 Des Nelson Viewing Projects Through a New Pair of Glasses

Lunch Meeting Presentation
 Gabrielle Haskins - Leadership...Woman Style


 September 2017 

Lunch Meeting Summary

Jill Arehart - Project Management - Labor Market Trends

August 2017

     Breakfast Meeting Presentation

      Jim Donovan, PMP - Project Scheduling with Microsoft Project

Lunch Meeting Summary

Matt Boon, PMP, CSM -  Yes, Keep on Changing

July 2017

Lunch Meeting Presentation Slide Deck

Lunch Meeting Handout

Kelly Talsma, PMP MSPM - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


Breakfast Meeting Presentation Slide Deck

 Ken Soper MA, MDiv; MCC, NCC / NCCC - How to Find Work and Stay Employable


May 2017

Breakfast Meeting

David Dahl, PMP - Words to Live By

April 2017

Breakfast Meeting

      Jeff Kissinger, PMP - Project Prioritization Made Easy - Keep It At the Top

March 2017

Breakfast Meeting

Jay Keller - How to Integrate the PMO process within the Agile Process

 Dinner Meeting

Mike Krause - Benefits Realization PowerPoint Presentation

Mike Krause - Benefits Realization Excel Template 

Amy Flick / Dan McGraw - "Getting Real" with the PMI Talent Triagle

February 2017 

Dinner Meeting

       Marni Vyn - Resumes & LinkedIn: The Basics

January 2017

Dinner Meeting

Nora BuchardStrengths

Dave MaynardMaking Project Risk Management Work 

November 2016

Dinner Meeting

Brad MaloneThe Challenges Facing PMOs