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How To Report PDU's

Want to avoid taking your PMP or other PMI certification test again? Better keep up on your PDUs! Check out our guide to reporting Professional Development Units from chapter meetings and other activities to keep your credentials upt-to-date and valid!

Reporting PDUs (Professional Development Units) for continuing certification with PMI can be a hassle, but easily earning them through your local WMPMI chapter is one of the benefits of membership! 

After attending a WMPMI meeting, you can report your PDUs online at

Choose the Report PDUs option in the left-hand menu, then click on Organization Meetings from the PDU menu.

On the form, the provider is C065 PMI Western Michigan Chapter. If you start typing “Michigan” or “Western” you will see it in the drop-down.

You can copy and paste the Meeting Title and Description from the meeting information page or email. Don’t worry about the Meeting ID.  If you didn’t save the email, you can find the event in our past events page at

Below the description enter the date of the event. You can also copy and paste the URL of the meeting from the WMPMI website into the URL field - this will help make any audit go smoother.

Finally, the Talent Triangle! Most meetings will specify which of the three categories applies to the meeting. When in doubt, reach out to a board member, or someone on the Programs team for clarification.

But wait, there’s more! You can also report PDUs for the following WMPMI activities:

Volunteering - email [email protected] to ask about volunteering for upcoming events, such as THE Project and Professional Development Day. Or, volunteer for a position on the board of directors and get get volunteer hours plus attend the breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings for FREE!

Speaking/Presenting - Give a presentation at one of our meetings on your project experience or on a skill or technique that would be beneficial to your fellow project managers. Email [email protected] to inquire about presenting.

Keep in Touch - follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or read the quarterly newsletter for information on more opportunities to earn PDUs.


Project Management & AI 

The robots are coming! Advances in artificial intelligence is prompting articles on whose job will be replaced by AI - and some predict Project Management will be among the first to go. Are human project managers in danger of losing their jobs in the robot revolution? 

As advances in artificial intelligence (AI) begins to enter our homes and workplaces, cheaper and more powerful than ever, speculation has run rampant on what jobs will be replaced by robotic intelligence. Project management is often cited as one of those jobs on the virtual chopping block - but is that a fair assessment?

Every experienced project manager has probably run into one or more situations where our discipline is misunderstood. Whether it’s the halo effect of tapping a subject matter expert to “Take the lead” on a project or thinking that some new program, service, or team-building weekend seminar can create the synergy to fix flawed business practices. Or maybe it is simply the thinking that plugging tasks into Microsoft Project will suffice as managing a project.  

It is this narrow and incorrect perspective of project management that sees AI as a threat to the profession.

AI will certainly improve the tools we use, and has already revolutionized the art and science of project management. Data analysis and business intelligence (BI) techniques can leverage data to improve work estimate accuracy and identify patterns. Communications technology has allowed for virtual teams to work more and more like co-located teams. AI systems will only improve these aspects. But these are improvements to the technological tools of project management, not the discipline itself.

This Spring, Google showcased a new service that will act as a personal assistant, going so far as to call your salon, speak with the front desk, work out a time for an appointment based on your schedule and their availability, and update your calendar. One more daily chore outsourced to a robot.

However, just because an AI assistant can book your meeting, nag your team members about deadlines, or provide superb data analysis for decisions support, does not mean the manager of the project is obsolete.

We humans are not as rational as we think we are. This is especially apparent in IT departments, where staff must merge the human element of an organization with the purely logical technology systems. We humans, despite thinking we are quite logical, put more emphasis on rhetoric than logic, prioritize stories over the raw data, and make our decisions based more on emotion than reason. If you’ve ever been involved in gathering software requirements from a non-IT department, you have seen this first hand.

Project management is the art of accomplishing a change in environment. As long as that environment involves people, it will involve human project managers. Most of our job - 90% is tossed around - is communication skills. That includes reading between the lines, making emotional connections, feeling out the situation, coaching and encouraging our co-workers. Those so-called soft-skills separate adequate project management from great project management. Often, it can be the difference between failure and success.

Advances in technology - including AI - will continue to change the tools and techniques of our work. But they won’t replace the most challenging and difficult work we do as project managers: that of making human connections and leading people to accomplish more than any of us can do on our own.


Professional Development Day is Oct. 16!

The PDD is an annual event, dedicated to learning and networking. We have a great speaker line up! Over 300 professionals attend the event featuring five highly valued speakers presenting on topics covering Leadership, Strategic and Business Management topics. Every year the event is sold out! 

Every business in the world is striving to become more adaptive and agile. Is there a way to blend traditional management with agile practices, frameworks, and methods? Absolutely! With hybrid methodologies on the forefront of project management’s push into the future, it’s an exciting time to be leading a project.  Once referred to as “structured agile”, more practitioners are combining both methodologies.  Project Managers and ScrumMasters can work together using hybrid principles. 

* Register before August 6 to take advantage of EARLY BIRD pricing! *

We look forward to seeing you at PDD 2018 -- Business Agile and Successful Hybrids

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Chapter Leadership Changes

Thank you, Ted Kallman, for your years of leadership as WMPMI's most recent president, and your previous service as VP Marketiing and VP Programming! We are grateful for your many significant contributions to our chapter.

Ted is an Enterprise Agile Coach and co-author of the national #1 Best Selling and Best Rated book “The Nehemiah Effect: Ancient Wisdom from the World’s First Agile Projects” and “Flow: Getting Everyone Moving in the Same Direction … and Loving It."

Welcome new president, Jeff Kissinger! Jeff took over the reigns as president in May and held a chapter retrospective on what is working well, what isn't, and where WMPMI is going next.

Jeff is a Senior Project Manager in the Information Technology Department at Grand Rapids Community College. He has 18 years of experience managing information technology projects in academic and commercial organizations. He also has over 25 years of experience as a volunteer managing projects in non-profit organizations.

THEProject 2018

THEProject 2018 was our 7th annual collegiate project management competition, which wrapped on April 9 with the winners announced. Student teams from colleges and universities throughout the WMPMI service area created project plans to reduce food waste. We are so grateful for YOUR support of the next generation of Project Managers (and future members of WMPMI)!

Learn more about the competition and the winning teams here


SeminarsWorld is a collection of small group, in-person training courses held in cities across the United States and immediately following PMI® EMEA Congress. SeminarsWorld offers more than 60 seminars across a variety of subject areas that range in length from one to four days. 

Coming soon to Orlando and Portland! Learn more!

Blogs to Check Out, whose mission is to make project managers more successful by providing help to project managers in a number of ways. It is a community, your community, for project managers in all industries. There are no less than 63 active blogs available to which you can subscribe, including "The Reluctant Agilist," "Ethics Bistro," "Emerging Technologies," and "Certification Insider."

Check them all out here.

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We list WMPMI members-only postings. These are PM positions from entry-level to executive level at the most desired employers in the area. Don’t forget to check out our Classified Job Listings page!  

A few recent listings include:
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Upcoming Events

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