The Election for the 2019 WMPMI Board of Directors occurred between November 28 and December 14, 2018. The following are the people recently elected to WMPMI's Board of Directors:

Name:  Kinga Winiarska
Position:  President-Elect

Kinga Winiarska, PMP, CSM currently works as a Business Project Manager at Cigna Corp. She has been with Cigna for the last 6 years, managing loyalty programs, leading transition of medical portfolio into ACA products. She also managed the rollout of dental products to Affinity partner, bringing sales of almost 100,000 policies within year one. She stepped in to lead the Supplemental Benefits project and was able to reduce errors 85%, resulting in a reduction in rework and customer dissatisfaction. Currently Kinga manages the MedSupp business for Retiree Exchanges, Affinity partners and brokers.

Kinga passed the PMP exam in 2011. She started attending to WMPMI meetings and soon after became involved in mentoring one of the collegiate competition teams, Finlandia, followed by leading the creation of THEProject program brochure for three years. When the VP Marketing position opened up, she volunteered to jump in and help strengthen the communication, social media outreach and other marketing campaigns. She saved over 83% in marketing agency costs in the first year. She is very involved in helping WMPMI be the best chapter in the world as well as helping to reach more members by creating posts for each event highlighting speakers, guests and new members. She is already thinking of creating a ‘reader’s corner’, alternative meeting venues and finding more creative ways to fund all the activities WMPMI is putting on for its members.

Originally from Poland, Kinga holds a Master’s degree from the University of Szczecin, and lives in Byron Center, with her three children and husband.

Kinga would like to apply for the President Elect position as she believes she can help WMPMI create more engagement, more venues to learn interesting material and use her marketing background to make the chapter a fun place to interact with peers.

Name:  Aubree Clark
Position:  VP Marketing

Aubree graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science with a specialization in business management and then continued her education with the completion of a master’s degree in Business Administration.

She pursued certifications in Lean and Six Sigma which provided her an opportunity in a hospital Project Management Office and this became her first exposure to Project Management as a profession!

In this role, she had the pleasure to attend WMPMI PDD and it inspired her to study the PMBOK and obtain her PMP in 2017. The following year she volunteered as the Assistant PM for Event Day for THEProject 2018 and is looking forward to serving as the PM for Event Day for THEProject 2019. Her knowledge of this industry continues to grow with every project and her continued interactions with WMPMI!

She is interested in the VP of Marketing position because it will allow her to take an active role in the promotion and exposure of our chapter throughout West Michigan. She believes she can be successful in this role by prioritizing creativity and teamwork, setting and achieving quantifiable goals, and communicating effectively at all levels. Moreover, she is focused on connecting WMPMI to talented professionals across the region to ensure sustainable growth within the organization, emphasizing the importance of people in this institution’s long-term success.