West Michigan Collegiate Project Management Competition!
How about a chance to use your curiosity of Project Management Skills in a competition, in front of local business leaders, enhancing your resume', and taking part in a reverse career fair for possible internships or possible full time employment? (Oh and you can earn some money by winning!)
Business is looking for students with multiple backgrounds who can lead projects across functional lines.  Who can bring together people from accounting, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and ?, to complete a needed project (of a product, service, or result) on time and on budget - you, your team?
THE Project 2012 was an absolute success, which was the same for 2013, then 2014, now 16 Teams have signed up for THE Project 2015!  You can still be a part of THE Project 2015.
Teams of 3 - 6 members from colleges and universities will compete for cash prizes and paid internships at major corporations in West Michigan. The student teams, and WMPMI Supplied PMP certified mentors, must create a project management plan for a given business situation in which our judges will evaluate based on PMBOK fundamentals, as if to fund.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Did you Know:
The Project Management Institute, (PMI) represents the largest project management association in the world. They have over 700,000 members and credential holders in 185 countries. Seasoned top performing certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), provide a common methodology to efficiently manage projects earning attractive incomes and held in high regard in the community.  PMI recently released a study stating there is a need for 340,000 project management positions for the next 10 years.  Many colleges and universities have recognized this trend and have responded with several courses and degrees with a focus in Project Management.
Several prominent West Michigan businesses and political leaders were judges in our first competition and are enthusiastic about future events.  Each student team must follow a schedule of deadlines at various stages in the event and make presentations to our panel of judges.  There will also be unplanned wrenches in each team’s process as it’s important for them to show how they would handle actual business challenges.”
THE Project is designed to provide students real-life business experience rather than a mere academic exercise. The winning team will have an opportunity to make their presentation in front of an expected 500 business and academic leaders as well as members of WMPMI.
Several HR departments and recruiters have expressed appreciation for the chance to listen to the collegiate teams present, as well as attend the scheduled reverse career fair at the event.   Sponsor's recruiters will also be able to obtain early access to student profiles prior to the reverse career fair.
Take a look from the links above and watch our videos.  We invite you to be a part of THE Project 2015!
For more info send an e-mail to  THE Project@wmpmi.org




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