Volunteer, Become Involved in a Great Group!

Volunteering provides you with many wonderful opportunities. Among them are the opportunities for leadership, teaching, learning, earning PDUs, making and honoring commitments, networking, receiving recognition, having fun and/or making new friends.

Open Opportunities:


Director of Administration (for Western and Southern Regions and Special Projects)

Specific Responsibilities

  • Run Dinner Meeting Registration (see Operations Manual for specific tasks)


  • Answer member questions regarding PDU’s, membership information stores at PMI, etc.


  • Liaison between board and dinner meeting or special event venues.


  • Maintain email list after mass-email; resolve issues with bad addresses.


  • Research and resolve dinner receipt errors or omissions.


  • Support and run the administration of special events (e.g. PDD).


  • Special projects as assigned by VP Administration.


Director of Program Operations

Specific Responsibilities

  • Assist the VP of Programs with associated day-to-day tasks for arranging facilities and any speaker needs.


  • Additionally support special events as required. 


  • Identify speakers that can address desired topics


  • Support special events as needed



If you have a relationship with a College Dean in the Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Marketing, Please let us know.

If you have relationships with people in Talent Acquisition / HR, we'd like to talk with you about bringing awareness of an opportunity to interview excellent talent represented by collegiate team members in THE Project 2015.

Thank You,

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Linda LeSage, Dir of Volunteers at VolunteerDirector@wmpmi.org