Board of Directors



Theodore Kallman, PMP, PMI_ACP
Past President

Lori Bailey, PMP
VP Administration

Jeff Kissinger, PMP
VP Education

Benjamin Todd, PMP
VP Finance

Gary J Van Haitsma, PMP
VP Marketing

Mark Mochel, PMP
VP Membership

Patricia Boer, PMP
VP Programs

Andrew Gill, PMP
Director of Administration -  Special Projects

Andrea Sisson, PMP
Director of Finance Operations

Rosemary Mills, PMP, CAPM
Director of Technology - Marketing

Christopher P. Stafford
Director of Marketing - PDD

Jill Arehart
Director of Membership

Katherine Sidnam, PMP
Director of Program Operations

Linda E Omlor, PMP
Director of Programs

Julie Rosier, PMP
Director of Public Relations

Cindy Lewis, PMP, PMI-SP
Director of PDD

Liisa Blick, PMP
Director of Sponsorships

Ross Sweetman, PMP
Director of Technology - Administration

Josh Keeler
Director of the PMO Community of Practice

Kimberly Cook, PMP
Director of Volunteers

Patricia Brown-May, PMP
Intercollegiate Project Director

Kim Kalman, CAPM
Programs Director

Robert Grove, PMP
PMIEF Liaison Director

Elaine Stiefel
Director of the 9-12 Program

Ebiri Nkugba, PMP

Download the WMPMI organization chart below

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