Board of Directors



Lori Bailey, PMP

Theodore Kallman, PMP, PMI_ACP
VP Administration

Charles McKean, PMP
VP Education

Benjamin Todd, PMP
VP Finance

Gary Van Haitsma, PMP
VP Membership

Patricia Boer, PMP
VP Programs

Andrew Gill, PMP
Director of Administration

Stacey Walker
Director of Administration - Southern Region

Martin Stradt, PMP
Director of Administration -  Special Projects

Andrea Sisson, PMP
Director of Communications

Monica Stout
Director of Marketing

Brian Gleason
Director of Membership

Betty Harag, PMP
Director of Program Operations

Linda E Omlor, PMP
Director of Programs

Julie Rosier, PMP
Director of Public Relations

Cindy Lewis, PMP, PMI-SP
Director of Special Events

Nadene Delana, PMP
Director of Technology

Eric Sowers, PMP
Director of Volunteers

Linda LeSage, PMP
Intercollegiate Project Director

Jeff Kissinger, PMP

Download the WMPMI organizational chart below

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