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Welcome to the Western Michigan Project Management Institute!

The Western Michigan Project Management Institute (WMPMI) board of directors are pleased that you have found us!

What is a PMI Chapter?

PMI has over 200 chartered and approximately 50 potential chapters geographically dispersed over 67 countries.

When you apply to become a PMI member, you may choose to join a chapter(s), which provides you with a "network of expertise" in your local area. Chapters provide face-to-face contact with peers from various organizations and industries working in the project management field. Chapters advance the mission and objectives of PMI by promoting project management professionalism within local businesses, universities and professional organizations in the chapter area. Project management professionalism is enhanced through chapter activities, meetings and other educational programs designed to strengthen the knowledge, awareness and understanding of project management principles, tools and techniques.

Information about joining the Western Michigan PMI Chapter is available here.

Our Purpose

The general purpose of the Western Michigan PMI Chapter will be to promote the activities of the PMI association dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in effective and appropriate application of the practice and science of project management. The Chapter will act in conformity with all stipulations set forth in the PMI document titled, “Chapter Guidelines and Policies Handbook”


Our Vision

WMPMI will be recognized in the State of Michigan as a world class resource for project management professional development and best practices


Our Mission

Offer chapter membership quality service in the following disciplines:

  • Educational programs
  • Outreach programs
  • Mentorship
  • Networking activities


Build WMPMI brand recognition.

  • Marketing our chapter
  • Updating our website and social media sites

 Promote leadership development through the following membership opportunities:

  • Volunteer opportunities focused on building new leaders
  • Board member succession planning through volunteers
  • Create an operational and strategic balance within the board


Mail Address

PMI Western Michigan Chapter
P.O. Box 8268
Grand Rapids, MI 49518


WMPMI was chartered in 1993 and has been serving West Michigan ever since then.

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