The PDD is an annual event, dedicated to learning and networking. 300 professionals attended  the event and five highly valued  speakers presented on topics covering Leadership, Strategic and Business Management topics.  Every year the event is sold out.

WMPMI presents Professional Development Day 2018 

Business Agile and Successful Hybrids! 

Every business in the world is striving to become more adaptive and agile. Is there a way to blend traditional management with agile practices, frameworks, and methods? Absolutely! With hybrid methodologies on the forefront of project management’s push into the future, it’s an exciting time to be leading a project.  Once referred to as “structured agile”, more practitioners are combining both methodologies.  Project Managers and ScrumMasters can work together using hybrid principles. 

Early bird registration is now available for WMPMI's Professional Development Day 2018 -- Business Agile and Successful Hybrids.

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We look forward to seeing you at PDD 2018 -- Business Agile and Successful Hybrids! 

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